Photography Street

Garry Winogrand from Street Photography master…

Winogrand was known for his portrayal of American life in the early 1960s, many of his photographs depict the social issues of his time and in the role of media in shaping attitudes. He roamed the streets of New York with his 35mm Leica camera rapidly taking photographs using a prefocused wide angle lens. His pictures frequently appeared as if they were driven by the energy of the events he was witnessing. While the style has been much imitated, Winogrand’s eye, his visual style, and his wit, remain unique.

Garry Winogrand  from Street Photography master…

Gary Winogrand BOOKS:

Gary Winogrand – the Man in the Crowd: The Uneasy Streets
Winogrand: Figments from the Real World
Winogrand Gary – Arrivals & Departures: The Airport Pictures


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