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I know nothing

Vittore Buzzi Photography


She so fashion

Oh yes she is so beautiful… A fashion girl in the subway…
I fall in love fro 1/30 of second…

The Loss

That face pierced the glass of the bus, her beautiful pale appeared for a moment before being swallowed up by the city traffic … F. remained on the sidewalk, in the mouth the bitter feeling of irreparable loss … Then night fell … Only in the morning F. managed to get to sleep …

Vittore Buzzi  Street Photography

Vittore Buzzi Street Photography


Rain slowly on the window… Time passes away…
I’m every second older than before….

Leaving this world again… 


Street Photography

Street Photography

Storm … Storm is out there … The heat of the machine pampers my dreams … I curl up in the seat, velvet  80′ …
“… a day without sunshine …… hang Geordie …” The radio tonight tickles melancholy rare scent of vinyl echoes of baby …
Hang on, hang on   until next gas station …

Love after all

Shooting a destination wedding in Italy I look for street photography.
Here what I found a nun looking at the bride and groom kissing…
Lucky me..

Wedding, photography,photographer,Milano,Italy

Wedding, photography,photographer,Milano,Italy

Here if you want to see more about wedding:

Thanks! Thanks for all

There was a strange feeling in the air…
Something nice, in a life of pain someone was simply saying Thanks, Thanks for all, Thanks to live…
Suddenly that feeling disappeared leaving behind only melancholy and sadness…
Something bitter, bitter as gall in my mouth…

Vittore Buzzi Street Photo

Vittore Buzzi Street Photo

I love the sun….

Sun is on my back… My life is on my back… Going ahead… Going ahead…

Vittore Buzzi, street photography

Vittore Buzzi, street photography

Waiting for time to pass…

Time pass and you are still there?
Do not worry I’m waiting for you…

Vittore Buzzi, street photography

Vittore Buzzi, street photography

Nothing will be the same… Nothing…

Stephen Shore, color master

A video showing Stephen Shore at work.
You do not know him?
Really? In 1971, at the age of 24, Shore became the second living photographer to have a solo exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
It’s extremely difficult to find his books at a reasonable price.
Stephen Shore on Wiki


Stephen Shore: Uncommon Places

American surfaces

Stephen Shore: Mose: A Preliminary Report

Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore